Editorial content program

Workflow is ServiceNow’s digital magazine, focused on engaging CIOs. We designed and built the site, produce the content, designed the measurement framework and manage audience development.


ServiceNow became a multibillion-dollar company by talking about its product. But in order to keep growing, it needed to reach a new audience: CIOs and other executives who haven’t traditionally bought its products.

Workflow, the company’s content site, is the centerpiece of these efforts, publishing feature articles, columns and graphics looking at how emerging technologies are changing work.

We worked closely with our client to develop the initial strategy for the site. We come up with ideas for, write, edit and design more than 100 pieces per year.

We designed and developed the site and a sophisticated measurement framework that’s pegged to business value. We manage SEO, targeted social promotion, create assets for an email newsletter, and design print editions for special events.