Our Work


AI-themed magazine

Forbes AI is a bi-monthly magazine with a print circulation of 20,000. We handle the entire editorial process, from story selection, to reporting, writing and editing.


Bloom Energy
Raising awareness of energy resilience

We worked with Bloom to change the public and policy conversation around its microgrids toward energy resilience—the idea that businesses need a more reliable electricity source than the aging electricity grid.


Engaging and recruiting hosts

Airbnb needs to recruit more hosts. We write, design and optimize case studies and articles that raise awareness of the platform among people who might be interested in listing their places.


Silicon Valley Bank
Content strategy

Silicon Valley Bank wants to better engage the thousands of early stage startups it works with. We created a finance curriculum for first-time startup founders, full of lessons from peers, VCs and other experts.


Docustyle videos

Facebook wants to highlight the work it's doing to improve its platform. We create articles, graphics and videos that tell the stories behind these improvements in a credible way.