Silicon Valley Bank

Content strategy

Silicon Valley Bank wants to better engage the thousands of early stage startups it works with. We created a finance curriculum for first-time startup founders, full of lessons from peers, VCs and other experts.


Silicon Valley Bank works with thousands of early stage startups. It needed a scalable way to help them grow.

We developed a content strategy for the Bank’s Early Stage Practice. We found and interviewed 18 startup founders, and learned that they most wanted technical financial advice that would help them make tactical decisions.

We designed a 24-article curriculum to help these founders with issues like how equity dilution works, managing cash burn rate, and financial metrics that matter to early stage investors. Behind the scenes, we help with SEO optimization, distribution and analytics.

Our articles are a hit with founders, rank among SVB’s most trafficked content, and outperform the bank’s benchmarks for email open and click-through rates.